When you run an integration in Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 or 2010, you receive the following error message:

RPC Server is unavailable


ERROR: Unable to open source queries because Query 'XXX' is not found in the database. – ADO Field is nothing


I am so tired of having to look up the location of the Desktop folder and Startup folder and all the other folders in various operating systems. I'm going to start this article and blog the folder location every time I have to look them up.  If I can add one for you please email it to        

This article will be on the .NET Development menu, if you need to look it up             

It just started today. We have been able to use ole container. Today all users with the exception of the user that inserted the pictures, are getting the message "failed to open document". I checked the note index of the invoice and hexadecimal number created and they match.

For various reason including the soon demise  of Business Portal we are running GP 2013 and BP3.0 on our old server;

I have various processes that move data from the PA tables from Old to new  (Mainly timesheets); however I would really like to create a SQL trigger on the New server (SQL 2008 ) that will insert a record into the old Server (SQL 2000)


For example if a user is added to the access of a project so a record is added to PA01408 I would like a trigger that adds that record to the old server PA01408


Insert into vie.gpc.dbo.pa01408

(fields in table)


fields in table

from bri.gpc.dbo.PA01408


Can anyone help I am aiming to do this for records that are deleted as well.....


Many thanks

We have an asset that is showing "Partially Open".  It looks like it was partially retired but the remaining cost never was depreciated.  Can we retire an asset then re-enter the asset as a new asset? If so, when entering the new asset, we will be using the original in-service date. When we run the depreciation and post to the GL (to “catch-up” depreciation expense) then we will delete the JE that was generated by the posting. Will this cause any problems? Will the new asset reflect the correct depreciation going forward?


This article will show how to make the RadSpinEditor look like a normal textbox
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