Many of you are 'company developers' - you work for a widget company and you write code against you company's GP install.

You won't care about this at all <big smile>

Here at DynDeveloper we're consultants. I log onto 4 or 5 different customers every day. It's convenient for me to have templates that I can pull down and use as the basis for something.

This article is our table valued function template. Remember that there are both table value and scalar (one valued) functions, this one is the table variety.         

One of the standard views supplied with Dynamics is called 'InventoryTransactions'. This view does not natively show SOP DropShip items. A customer recently asked me to add them in, the resulting code is below.

Steve Gray, sage eConnect developer (read: old) opines on the practice of sending multiple documents through eConnect.                        

Recently we had a request to add lines to the Dynamics Item Sites table (IV00102) for each LOCNCODE when a new item is added to Dynamics.

We wrote two scripts, one to update all the existing items, and a trigger to catch all the item adds going forward. The article below explains all.     

I have a SOP Type of 3 that exists, which has a header and detail lines, and I would like to add additional lines using eConnect.  I've tried using eConnect with the header and line I want to use, but I get this error: "If UpdateExisting is set to 1 than a transaction document number must be provided."  What am I doing wrong?

I was hoping to find a list of columns for each table so that I can see which tables have a noteindx column.
This short code snippet is to be used as a sample for the RadGrid ValueChanged event                       
This neat code sample will show how to code summary rows in a Winforms GridView            
This article will help with coding the GridView CommandColumn                       
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