Using Menus for VS Tools to launch ad hoc and custom applications

Before I lose you on that title, let me quickly explain this article. This functionality allows you to add an XML file to Dynamics GP, and that XML file will open an executable file (.exe) on the computer.

So, you say that "we can do that now with short cuts". Yeah, you can. But this is cooler.

This is an example of the XML file:


And when you run the code, you get the effect in the screen shot below. Note that 'Calculator' and 'Notepad' have been added.



The concept is this: You're building forms using Visual Studio tools for Dynamics, and you would like to display the version number of your dll in the form.

If you use the standard approach, you'll get the version number of Dynamics... which is useless.

This code snippet will show you how to do it.



I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the purpose of the CT00102 table.

Also - what GP window performs direct updates?  (the resource descriptions were not very helpful)

We use the manufacturing module extensively.

Recently, I noticed that when we performed a standard cost change on a part, the IV00102, ICIV00323 were updated as expected, but the CT00102 retained teh old standard cost...

Thank you in advance (and yes, I did search this site and google first - which yielded only the table name and a one line description of the table)


Hi all,

In the vendor setup in GP Payables Management, you can assign more than one default purchases account to the vendor.  Does anyone know what table this information is read from?

Thanks in advance


when i try to save a account in GP apperars a message : the record was created when trying to create it. The changes will not be saved.

But the account is not saved.

what can i do???

I need to know how to insert a note with the econnect. I am using  taPMTransactionInsert



when I try to print checks continuously with paper that is smaller than letter size paper and change the paper size on the printer and select printing gp but steady like letter-sized paper checks someone harms me know how to set this


GP Manufacturing table MOP10213 contains a field called MO_ACTIVITY_REASON_I.  It is a smallint field.  On the Manufacturing Order Activity inquiry window, the field is populated with text descriptions of the reasons.  I am working on a SQL Reporting Services report that will take the MO_ACTIVITY_REASON_I smallint value from MOP10213, but I need to display the text description.

Where is the conversion table that assigns descriptions to the smallint values?


FYI: I have searched this forum and google prior to asking...

 We are trying to build an analysis cube of sales invoices (sales history).  Of course the SOP30300 provides the unit standard cost at the time of sale / invoice.  Is there any way to get the cost component breakout (material, labor, overhead) as of the time of sale/invoice?  Of course I can get the current standard cost and MLO breakout via the ICIV0323 table - as of today - but if any changes to standards were made during the period of analysis, the component costs woudl not add to the total standard cost.

 Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions...

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