Hi Friends, I had started a visual studio project..I want to move data between my project and GP 10.0...My project is located on the base machine while GP and eConnect is installed on the vpc..I had added namespace references required for econnect in my project..How I can start my coding with econnect? How Authentication is done with GP sql database by providing username,password,server and database name?..pls help me..I am completely new to GP and eConnect..

Hi friends,


 How can I find out database name of GP?..i.e, name of the database where entity details are stored?

Is there a way using eConnect to search for a vendor by name rather than by VendorID? I've tried using the code below as a shot in the dark with no luck.

eConnectMethods methods = new eConnectMethods();

eConnectOut econnectOut = new eConnectOut();

RQeConnectOutType econnectOutType = new RQeConnectOutType();

eConnectType o_eConnect = new eConnectType();o_eConnect.RQeConnectOutType = new RQeConnectOutType[1];


econnectOut.DOCTYPE =

econnectOut.OUTPUTTYPE = 1;

econnectOut.INDEX1FROM = vendorName;

econnectOut.INDEX1TO = vendorName;

econnectOut.FORLIST = 1;

econnectOutType.eConnectOut = econnectOut;

o_eConnect.RQeConnectOutType[0] = econnectOutType;

string strEconnect = XmlSerialization.SerializeEConnect(o_eConnect);

string strResponse = methods.eConnect_Requester(this.m_ConnectString, EnumTypes.ConnectionStringType.SqlClient, strEconnect);

return strResponse;


I am having a bit of a problem with my code, I have registered the events for opening and activating a window I created through dexterity. It works the first time through, but when I open it again the events do not fire.

I've seen some similar problems with modal windows in this forum but they weren't solved, have anybody found a solution or a workaround for a problem like this?

 Thanks in advance

Jorge A.

 PS: I am working with GP 10 SP3

PSS: Would it help if I post some of the code?



We just went live last week and my customer service team is asking if there is a way to have multiple sales order entry windows open. Then sometimes need to start another order while they have not finished a current one.




You do not have sufficient privileges on this system to modify the VBA project




I recently had to do some work against tax schedules at a client, I needed to quickly see the tax schedules. Here is code to display the tax rate for one tax schedule, and for all of them.

The result will look something like this:


To get one tax schedule, I wrote a function:


I'm writing this to document an issue that I'm having recently with different VBA installs.

In upgrading code for several clients, and I've run into this problem twice now. The environments were varied, but let me detail what I know for sure. The issue involves a Dynamics GP 2010 VBA mod, an ADODB 2.8 connection using the Dynamics getUserInfo object. It actually has occurred on both GP10 and GP2010, the case that I'm detailing here is the latter.

The issue is that in some situations if when I code:

dim cmd as ADODB.command
'code here to get the connection using getUserInfo
cmd.activeConnection = cn
cmd.commandType = adStoredProc
cmd.commandText = "sp_myProc"

When the third line executes the command object does a 'refresh', it goes out and gets the parameters. Then when I (re)add the parameters, I have too many.

But this 'auto refresh' effect does not occur on all machines. In today's example, I'm using the SQL Server Nateive Client 10.0 on both boxes.

It does not happen on my dev box, Win 2008 Server, SQL 2008, but it does happen on the production client (Win 2003 server, SQL 2008 backend)

Any idea why the 'refresh' effect happens on some boxes, but not others?


I believe I've found a small VBA bug in theGP 10 PM Batches window. I'll document it here for the community, and because I'm hoping for that really huge reward that you get for things like this <smiles>

In VBA, if the batch number has 15 characters, the 'batch changed' event will not fire. It only happens when selecting the batch from the lookup. It fires correctly when navigating using the 'VCR' buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Steps to recreate:

Go to the PM Batches window (Purchasing > Batches)

Add the window to VBA

Add the BATCH ID field to vba

In VBA, add the BATCHID_CHANGED event

in the event, add:


Open the VBA Immediate window to see the DEBUG effects

Create two batches, one with 14 or less characters, and one with 15 characters, and select them using the lookup button, observe that the 15 character batch does not fire (note that the event always fires to clear the BATCHID, and not to repopulate)

Navigate using the VCR buttons at the bottom of the form, note that all batches fire correctly.

Hello all,


I need to proccess an eCommerce request that contains the Fee Accounts list for a particular Project (GP screen Cards>Projects>Fee Accounts).  I have identified the available tables for the request transaction in the eConnect_Out_Setup table.  Could someone point me to the tablename I need?



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