I have an ecconect intergration for Employee expense transaction from an application.I am trying to intergrat 1000 header xml nodes, the server getting slow and freezing.

If any body knows the reason, please help me.


best regards,



Hi,I have created an xml to create an Item in the GP (using <taUpdateCreateItemRcd>), which will be used to file a PO later. Initially an item class is created, to which particular accounts are mapped in the GP. Now in my xml class is mapped using <ITMCLSCD>GOODS</ITMCLSCD> tag. Now after feeding my xml using econnect, I can see ClassID as GOODS (through GP), but after clicking on Accounts button I am not able to see the accounts those are assigned to the class GOODS. After that if I edit the same item and select the same item class and save it then accounts get assigned properly.

 I want the accounts to be mapped as soon as I create an item using eConnect.

Please help me out.


Thanks in advance.

~ Amol

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